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Microsoft Intune


Remotely manage devices, applications, and data to safeguard users and protect your organization.

  • Security

Microsoft Intune is used to remotely manage devices and/or apps in use by employees inside of an organization. Teams can manage entire devices if employees use company-provided devices, or manage individual apps for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scenarios. Intune provides support for enforcing security requirements (such as encryption), locking down features (such as copy/paste), and remotely wiping device or user data. Additionally, users can authenticate using brokered authentication apps such as Microsoft Authenticator or the Intune Company Portal app.

Save Time With Ionic's Premier Intune Integration

For businesses building on top of Azure Active Directory and using Microsoft Intune to manage app and device policies across the organization, Ionic’s Premier Intune integration makes it easy to quickly integrate with Intune and brokered Microsoft authentication apps, and is considerably easier than the typical native integration—especially since we’ve added straight-to-the-point documentation, a simple installation experience, and consistent APIs across iOS and Android.

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Reach out to purchase a plan or request a demo