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TestFairy is a mobile testing platform, providing companies with detailed video recordings, logs and crash reports of mobile sessions.

  • Development
  • DevOps
  • Testing

Why TestFairy?

    Watch how people use your app and fully understand user behavior. See videos of bugs, crashes and errors and fix problems like never before.

    Streamline your mobile development with a centralized in-house app distribution platform, to improve your organization's efficiency.

    Manage all feedback from the TestFairy dashboard or with your favorite ticketing system.

How TestFairy Works

TestFairy provides a mobile testing platform for distributing apps, collecting insights, submitting feedbacks and crashes from testers, and streamlining mobile development. TestFairy integrates with popular bug-tracking platforms, single sign-on solutions, team communication platforms and continuous integration tools.

Ionic + TestFairy

TestFairy helps Ionic developers distribute pre-production versions of their apps and get feedback from users and tester in order to improve app quality.