Ionic Brings Powerful App Development Suite to Teams and Enterprises

Maker of the popular open source Ionic Framework launches Ionic Pro to support the full lifecycle of apps for teams

MADISON, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ionic, maker of the popular open source Framework for building cross-platform mobile and progressive web apps, has launched a powerful suite of development tools for enterprise developers and teams. Ionic Pro is a cloud-based solution that makes it faster and easier to design, build, test and deliver apps.

Launched in 2013, the Ionic Framework has acquired a community of more than five million developers around the world. Ionic’s approach streamlines mobile development with one code base that runs everywhere – on any device or operating system – using the web as a common platform. This efficiency is critical to enterprise teams, as demand for mobile apps is growing five times faster than IT can deliver. With the launch, Ionic Pro extends the power of the Framework to address the entire app lifecycle.

“The Ionic Framework has become popular with enterprise teams because they can target native mobile apps, as well as progressive web apps, all from a single codebase – using languages that are familiar to their in-house web developers,” said Max Lynch, co-founder and CEO of Ionic. “With Ionic Pro, we’re taking it even further by helping teams address the entire dev lifecycle – from design and testing, to tracking errors and shipping hot code updates.”

Introducing Ionic Pro

Ionic Pro is a powerful set of cloud-based services and features that bring a new level of app development agility to dev teams. Pro allows multiple developers to collaborate on projects using a single, shared dashboard and stay up-to-date on build activity and code changes, while using Pro’s core services to:

“How we build mobile apps at MarketWatch is a carefully thought out process. Mobile experience is critical to our business and brand – hundreds of thousands of active users rely on our mobile apps for timely financial news,” said Brian Aguilar, director at MarketWatch. “With the Ionic Framework, we develop one code base that supports multiple platforms with a consistent user experience. We’ve doubled the output of our lean developer team – and more importantly, our user satisfaction has increased significantly based on app store star ratings. Ionic Pro is a powerful extension to the platform and our team plans to take advantage of the collaboration and testing features.”

“Ionic Pro has been a huge advantage for us. Our clients have very demanding workloads with tight timelines to make app updates,” said Mike Sigle, vice president of product development at Napa Group. “The live update feature allows us to test changes and push them directly to users, without waiting around for the app stores. That’s huge for us. We’re already using Pro successfully and fully intend to introduce Ionic to more of our clients.”

An $8.5 million infusion of capital from General Catalyst in 2016 fueled further development of the platform and enabled Ionic to scale to deliver a broader set of services for the enterprise, with Ionic Pro being the first. Since the investment, Ionic has recruited Swami Kumaresan, who was previously on the founding team of Carbonite (Nasdaq: CARB), as its President and COO. Swami opened Ionic’s Boston office and has been driving the company’s commercial strategy and recruiting sales, marketing and customer success talent. The company expects to aggressively pursue commercial expansion in 2018.

About Ionic

Ionic makes it easy for entrepreneurs and enterprises to build high performance apps that look and feel beautiful on any platform or device. The Ionic Framework is the #1 adopted cross-platform development framework in the world with a vibrant community of more than 5 million developers in over 200 countries. Ionic’s open source Framework and developer-friendly tools and services power apps for some of the world’s best-known brands, e.g. highly successful consumer apps like Sworkit, Untappd and MarketWatch, as well as mission-critical apps supporting Nationwide and NASA.

With offices in Madison, WI (HQ), and Boston, the company is backed by premier investors including General Catalyst Partners and Techstars. For more information, visit and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.