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appflow destination get

[appflow, destination, get]

Get info for a destination in Appflow

appflow destination get [flags]


appflow destination get --app-id=a1234bc --name="Development"


--app-id [required]stringAppflow app id
--name [required]stringAppflow destination name

Global Flags

-h, --helpbooleanfalsePrint help information for command
--configstringAppflow config file (.appflow.yaml by default)
--jsonbooleanfalseFor commands with output, shortcut to print as JSON
--outputstring"text"For commands with output, print as [json] or human readable [text]
--tokenstringIonic authorization token


namestringThe name of a Destination you've created in Appflow.
targetstringThe target (Apple App Store/Google Play) of your Destination in Appflow.
artifactType"APK" | "DSYM" | "XCARCHIVE" | "IPA" | "APP" | "AAB" | "WWW_MANIFEST" | "WWW_MANIFEST_V2" | "WWW_ZIP" | "PNG" | "MP4"The file type of the artifact that is uploaded to the store destination
latestDeployment (optional)objectThe latest successful deployment associated with this Channel or Destination.
.buildIdnumberA unique identifier for a build done in Appflow.
.buildNumber (optional)numberAn app-specific build number for builds done in Appflow.
.triggeredBystringAppflow user that triggered the build associated with this deployment.
.statusstringThe status of this deployment.
.commitSha (optional)stringThe commit hash.
.commitAuthorstringThe git user that created the commit associated with this build.
.commitCreatedstringString of datetime when the commit was created
.commitBranchstringThe branch on which the commit was created.
appleAppIdstringYour app's unique identifier in Appflow.
usernamestringThe username of the Apple account associated with this Destination.
teamId (optional)stringThe id of the Apple Developer team associated with this Destination.
packageName (optional)stringThe package for the Google Play App associated with this Destination.
trackstringThe track for the Google Play App associated with this Destination.
releaseStatusstringThe release status for the Google Play App associated with this Destination.
Successful Apple App Store Output
"name": "Development",
"target": "Apple App Store",
"artifactType": "IPA",
"latestDeployment": {
"buildId": 123,
"buildNumber": 25,
"triggeredBy": "Jane Doe",
"status": "",
"commitSha": "cef1sdca",
"commitAuthor": "Dominic Ash",
"commitCreated": "2022-12-09T19:38:09Z",
"commitBranch": "main"
"appleAppId": "123",
"username": "",
"teamId": "XYZ"
Successful Google Play Output
"name": "Development",
"target": "Google Play",
"artifactType": "AAB",
"latestDeployment": null,
"packageName": "",
"track": "INTERNAL",
"releaseStatus": "DRAFT"