March 11, 2015
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Ionic and Angular 2

Max Lynch


Hey Ionites,

After a hugely successful ngConf last week, the Ionic office is abuzz with Angular 2, and what it means for Ionic. The number one response from ngConf is that Angular is here to stay, and will only continue to dominate in the future. We are all investing in the right framework.

With that in mind, I want to quickly address the questions we’ve gotten about Angular 2, and what it means for Ionic.

First of all, we will absolutely be supporting Angular 2, and we will release full Angular 2 support in Ionic v2. In fact, we are already working on it! I don’t have a timeline for that (yet!), but chances are it will come earlier than v1 did 🙂 And, of course, we will support Ionic v1 through all of this!

Next week we are doing an “Angular/Ionic 2 Summit.” The Ionic core team will be locking themselves in a room (and we are flying in some remotes!) to go through all the lessons learned over the last year and half. Everything we did right (and wrong!) with Ionic v1, and what we will fix in v2. Yes, there will be coding!

We are going to become experts in Angular 2, and we are working in parallel with the Angular team to make sure Angular 2 is an incredible frontend framework on mobile, and that Ionic can build the best mobile framework on top.

With Angular 2, we want to make Ionic faster, easier to use, and more powerful. The new component model makes building components and extending Ionic much easier. Angular 2 apps are easier to write and interact with your data in a more expected way. The framework naturally works with web standards instead of creating new ones. Learning Angular 2 will be easier, and more developers will be able to work on the code base. A win-win-win-win*N.

So, yes, Angular 2 support is a 100% for sure. We will have more info when we are ready to release it!


Max Lynch