May 12, 2020
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Announcing Identity Vault 4.0

Nick Hyatt

Today I’m excited to announce Ionic Identity Vault 4.0, the latest release from our suite of pre-built mobile solutions. Identity Vault makes it easy to add secure biometric authentication to your Ionic apps in minutes, using the latest in native security best practices.

This latest release of Identity Vault offers enhanced Android support by adding Android 10 (SDK 29) and AndroidX support. With this addition, Face Unlock and Iris Unlock are now available.

Frontend security: Challenging to get right, but oh so important

Mobile devices are a critical part of everyday life. They empower us to communicate, work, and access any service remotely 24/7. Unfortunately, the downside is that this makes them a security risk. What happens when the device falls into the wrong hands?

If the device is unlocked and apps are still running, users are vulnerable to unauthorized access to their accounts, leading to data loss, identity theft, and more. Suddenly, your app shifts from a helpful tool to a PR nightmare as customers lose trust in your organization.

Why Identity Vault?

As app developers, it’s up to us to protect our users’ data. However, this is easier said than done. Security is challenging to get right and carries dire consequences if implemented incorrectly. For example, many frontend authentication workflows use unsecure practices, like storing user access tokens unencrypted (such as in LocalStorage) or using weak authentication logic that is easily compromised (combining disparate Cordova plugins together).

Most developers act with the best of intentions, but with the reality of tight deadlines and a crushing workload it’s easy to let security fall to the wayside. With so much at stake, it’s best to leave the hard work to our mobile security experts. Ionic Identity Vault solves these challenges by providing enterprise-grade frontend storage and session features out-of-the-box.

What’s included?

Identity Vault 4.0 enhances Android platform support by adding Android 10 (SDK 29) and AndroidX compatibility. Besides offering the latest in security and biometrics (straight from Apple and Google’s security best practices playbooks), Face Unlock and Iris Unlock are now available (iOS’s Face ID has been available since version 1.0). This is all in addition to:

  • Safe, private, and encrypted storage of authentication tokens
  • Always-on session management keeps your users protected at all times
  • Modular, easy to consume service that integrates with any new or existing Ionic apps
  • Ongoing updates and maintenance, backed by Ionic’s mobile experts
  • Developer-friendly docs, tutorials, and videos to get you started
  • Available advisory services and mission-critical support SLAs
  • Backend agnostic design that works with any authentication provider or custom API

Secure your Ionic Apps in minutes

Identity Vault is a subscription-based service that includes ongoing maintenance and updates to keep your apps secure and compatible with the latest iOS and Android versions. Leave the challenges of native mobile security to us – learn more here.

You can also check out the Identity Vault webinar, covering the entire service from top to bottom:


Nick Hyatt