December 6, 2017
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Announcing Ionic Pro for Teams

Matt Kremer

As some of you know, we quietly released a new version of our cloud platform, Ionic Pro, back in August. We built Pro to make life easier for developers, by simplifying each phase of the dev lifecycle – from design and testing, to tracking errors and shipping hot code updates.

Ionic Pro helps speed up development while shipping better quality apps. With Pro, you can:

  • Privately share test versions with just simple email invite
  • View all tester feedback in a central dashboard
  • Deliver different versions and releases to specific segments of users
  • Track and analyze errors in your code to improve app quality
  • Ship updates in realtime, without going through the app stores

The New Team Plan

I’m happy to announce our first major update to Pro, the new Team Plan.

The Team plan is ideal for lean development teams working together, whether in a lean startup, a Fortune 500 company, or a dev shop.

You get everything listed above, with added features just for teams:

  • Collaborate with team members in a single, shared dashboard
  • Stay up-to-date on build changes and team activity
  • Push code changes to a shared repository using our git-based workflow

The Team plan is available for $49 per team member per month. Check out our Plans & Pricing for more details, or upgrade an existing Pro account to Teams.

Why Teams?

Since we first released Pro in August, we’ve been watching and listening to see how people were using it as part of their dev work, and looking for ways to make it better. Many thanks to those of you who volunteered your time to get on the phone with us!

One thing we observed is that there were a lot of developers working in the same org, but using individual accounts instead of working as a team. While our Business plan offered collaboration for multiple teams, it was overkill for teams of 2-10 developers working in a flat org.

The new Team plan is designed to fit right in the middle, making it easy for developers in the same organization to collaborate on projects together.

A few other lineup changes

We’ve made a few other changes to our lineup based on the feedback we heard in our discovery calls with Pro users.

First, the ability to manage multiple code versions, using our Channels feature, was a must for anyone building a serious app, so we moved that into the $29/ mo Developer tier.

Second, we made it easier to understand usage limits on Deploy, by simply limiting on number of active users – a metric that’s much easier to track than our previous definition, which is too long for this blog. 🙂

Not a Team? No problem, check out our solo Developer tier

Of course, Ionic Pro is great for solo devs as well. With our $29 per month Developer plan, you get all the great stuff in the Team plan – user testing, cloud builds, live updates, monitoring when working by yourself.

You can also start with our free Kickstarter tier, which gives you access to most features of Pro, and the ability to build unlimited apps for as long as you like.


Thanks to everyone who has become a Pro user! The amazing Pro team is shipping new updates almost every week, and we’re going to continue to talk to customers and rollout improvements as needed. As always, your feedback is welcome as we work to make the experience better and better for Ionic users.

Ready to start building better apps? Sign up for Ionic Pro today!

Matt Kremer