May 21, 2020
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Announcing Ioniconf 2020

Mike Hartington

Director of Developer Relation...

It’s finally happening! The moment that’s been talked about, questioned, speculated, humbly requested, not so humbly requested, and otherwise called for by many a community member …the first-ever Ionic conference.

You heard it right, folks. Announcing Ioniconf 2020!

Ioniconf 2020 is an all digital event taking place June 24th (t-minus 34 days and counting) from the comfort of your own home! We’ve brought together industry leaders to share everything they can about Ionic and the Web Platform, in a celebration of the web and web developers.

What you need to know

Let’s share some backstory here, because it’s been a wild ride getting this event up and running. Rewind back to my first ngConf in 2015. After the conference was over, a few of us on the Ionic team and some community members were celebrating a successful trip when one brought the idea of an Ionic conference. “Yeah, we’ll have the event in Vegas, I’ll help you all out in setting up the details, and it will be great. It will be something to celebrate this amazing community and bring in people who are experts in our industry to share their knowledge.”

Well, you know how it goes. Planning and executing a physical event is no easy – or cheap – endeavor. And as weeks turned to months, and months turned to years, we put off the idea until we were ready.

Well, given the current climate and the growing acceptance of (nay, clamoring for) virtual events, we decided that the time was indeed right. And now here we are.

And just like we originally envisioned, Ioniconf 2020 will be a celebration of the Ionic community. A fun-filled day focused on education, sharing, and enlightenment in the ways of the web.

The format is a one day, single track, online conference covering all things related to web development and Ionic. Attendees can sit back and enjoy a full day of amazing talks, plus Q&A with speakers after sessions. We’ll be watching for questions from social media, so be sure to tag your questions with #askioniconf

Stay tuned for details about Ioniconf 2020 in the coming weeks as we add speakers, topics, and other exciting details. We are excited to put this event on and we hope you’ll join us!


Mike Hartington

Director of Developer Relation...