After much ado, we are excited to announce official support for Universal Windows Platform Apps in Ionic 2 beta.3, complete with a total UI look-and-feel and component set.

Windows support has been an oft-requested feature for a number of important reasons. First, many enterprise companies have large deployments of Windows Phones and want to build apps more easily for them. Second, mobile Windows devices like the Surface are proliferating and we want to make it easy to build apps that run on those devices, too. As an added benefit, Windows 10 sports JavaScript as a native app development language which we think is just swell (yeah, I’m bringing “swell” back).

We’ve updated our docs with full Windows previews for all components. Check out the Alert demo as an example.

To get started, update your npm dependency on ionic-angular to 2.0.0-beta.3 or higher, or start a new v2 project. Note: we will not be supporting Windows Phone 8 or below, so get your devices updated!


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