May 5, 2016
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Ionic Creator gets Mobile Sharing, Device Preview, and More!

Matt Kremer

We’ve got some exciting Creator updates to share with you this month! Take a look:

New Creator Mobile App + Sharing ?

Screenshot 2016-05-04 13.06.37

Creator Mobile (available on iOS and Android) is honestly one of my favorite features in Creator, and I’m really happy to announce that we’ve made it even more powerful. It could already be used to preview your projects right on your phone immediately after making changes, but now we’ve opened it up with brand new sharing features.

Pro and Team members of Creator can generate share codes for the app that can then be used by anyone to preview an app in Creator Mobile, even if they don’t have a Creator account. Give it a try by downloading the app and scanning our Cafe Sample App code or entering the code “123456”:

Screenshot 2016-05-04 13.10.39

Device Preview Modes ?

Screenshot 2016-05-04 13.13.49

One of the biggest draws of Ionic is that it’s cross platform and responsive, but until now, Creator has been restricted to iOS Vertical orientation.

Now we’ve added in preview modes for Android and iOS, Phones and Tablets, Device Skins, Scaling (so a tablet can fit on your screen), and Horizontal orientation mode.

Icon + Splashscreen Support ?

Screenshot 2016-05-04 13.19.25

The primary goal of Creator is to get you as close to a 100% app store-ready app as quickly as possible. We took a major step towards that with the release of Icon + Splashscreen support for Creator Package.

If you are generating a static app in Creator, you can now add your Icon and Splashscreen to your Package export, which will then give you an IPA/APK file that is ready for the app stores.

New List Item Component ?

Screenshot 2016-05-04 14.16.33

The List Item in Creator now supports a ton more of the customizations that are available in Ionic. You can now use four different types: Regular, Icon, Avatar, and Thumbnail. We also added right side icon, accessory, notes, and theme support.

Theming and SCSS Support coming soon! ?

We’ve been hard at work creating Theming and SCSS support for Creator, which will allow you to customize components to your heart’s content and change the Theme colors for Ionic. Here’s a sneak peek!


And much, much more ?

While there is way too much to list, here are some of the noteworthy smaller improvements that we’ve made:

  • New Public/Private/Passcode System: We redid our project protection to make it clearer.
  • Side Menu with Back Button Toggle: Want your side menu to stick around even if you navigate to another page? Just toggle this new property.
  • Project Filter Dropdown: You can now filter your project dashboard by personal projects and teams.
  • Image Properties Redone: The image component got some love with better width and height properties.
  • “No Default Page” Preview Bug Fix: After removing certain combinations of pages, Preview was broken, and we now have a message for that.

As always, the things we add to Creator are all based on your feedback. Let us know what YOU want to see in Creator!

P.S. After Theming support, we’re working on in-tool JS Editing ?


Matt Kremer