March 26, 2019
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Delivering Great UX with Hybrid App Development

Rachel Brown

When it comes to hybrid app development, there are often some lingering misconceptions among those who are less familiar with the landscape. Also, many of the worries that persist about hybrid app dev were born out of issues that arose in its infancy stages, but no longer apply as much to the technology today.

Thankfully, because of the powerful evolution of the web and emerging platforms, concerns around topics like delivering great UX and achieving high performance from this type of development are less in question. So, we decided to deep dive into why that is and what’s changed in the current scope of hybrid app development that makes it a great choice for modern enterprises.

In our recent post, we explore the particulars of how this approach is able to help companies create apps that look-and-feel native to any device or channel while still achieving great app performance. From having more time to focus on features, iterating faster, saving resources, and building seamless cross-platform experiences, it’s harder, now, to argue the for the concerns that once existed against the hybrid approach.

In case you missed it, we have a new section in our Resource Center for articles where we tackle high-level industry topics and share thought-leadership content.

Be sure to check it out this new space and explore the full article, which highlights the key reasons for How Hybrid App Development Helps Deliver Great UX and includes helpful use cases for inspiration.

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Rachel Brown