December 15, 2022
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Get Proactive About Data Security

Jacklin Altman

Product Team

The average cost of a data breach in 2022 is $4.35 million. When remote work is a factor, that figure is almost $1 million more. With a pandemic forcing more people toward their mobile devices than ever, the opportunities for cyber attacks grew in parallel. 

More time on the phone meant more apps downloaded to a user’s device. As a result, the surface area for attack grew exponentially. From misconfigured APIs to outdated versions of applications, there are numerous ways that bad actors can take advantage of app data. 

Just because hackers have more opportunities than ever doesn’t mean you need to panic. Though security blunders are common and costly, they’re almost always preventable with sound practices and proactive security measures. 

So what can you do to ensure your apps (and data) are safe?

Have the right tools

Compromised credentials make up nearly 20% of data breaches. Vulnerabilities in integrated third-party software and cloud misconfiguration have also been identified as growing attack vectors. And while these are known attack vectors, it’s difficult for any team to stay on top of this if this isn’t their core area of expertise.

That’s why we built Auth Connect, which makes it easy to integrate with popular auth providers and custom solutions, from Okta to Auth0 and more. From initial login to logout and token refresh, Auth Connect offers complete lifecycle protection. Meanwhile, Identity Vault allows you to add biometric authentication to new or existing Ionic apps. With 75% of phishing attacks targeting mobile this past year, having multiple layers of security on your devices is crucial. Secure Storage is key to ensuring the security of your users’ data, online and off. Secure Storage from Ionic is a powerful local database that makes it easy to encrypt, store, access, and manage data across all platforms, with top-tier security baked right in.

“In building out our security trifecta (Auth Connect, Identity Vault, and Secure Storage) we did so with the changing needs of mobile users in mind. Designed using industry best practices and constantly changing to meet present day security demands, these plugins safeguard users and their data. We want our apps to be built with multiple layers of security across all access points, mitigating as much risk as possible.” – Dallas James, Product Owner of Web Native technologies at Ionic

Have the right team, training, and support

Ingraining security awareness into your company’s culture can be one of the most powerful tools against potential attacks. Ensure you have people within the organization who are dedicated to keeping your devices secure, both online and offline. 

Research suggests that human error is to blame for up to 90% of cybersecurity attacks and subsequent data breaches. While people can be your greatest vulnerability, they can also be your greatest asset when trained properly. Security awareness training is critical for ensuring that your team is up to date on security best practices. From knowing the signs to look for to knowing what not to do, regular security awareness training can drastically reduce risk in the workplace. 

If you aren’t able to dedicate personnel exclusively to security, then leverage an external team’s expertise. At Ionic, our Enterprise Support and Advisory Services have your back when it comes to ensuring the security of your applications. 

“From reviewing code to consulting on best practices, we’re committed to helping our customers release secure, up-to-date apps. We know how valuable consumer trust is, so we want enterprises to know that we’re in their corner.” – Tori Hansel, Associate Director, Customer Success

Be proactive

Data breaches are expensive, and the best way to avoid a data breach is to be proactive. Take a look at your tools, team, training, and support structure and find out where you should get started.

One of the quickest ways to get started is with Ionic’s Enterprise SDK. It’s a one stop shop for arming your team with the tools they need to safeguard users and their data, get educated on mobile app best practices, and it comes with expert support through each phase of the development lifecycle.

To learn more about Enterprise SDK, get in touch with our App Strategists.

Jacklin Altman

Product Team