Ionic exists to empower developers.

It packs the most essential UI features into easy-to-use, lightweight, performant components that help you build your hybrid mobile app. In the course of building Ionic, we had to make decisions about what to include and what to leave out. Should we bake a custom calendar interface into Ionic? How different should our Android and iOS styles be? Should we include themes?

Ultimately, we drew our “line in the sand” and prioritized keeping the Ionic core light and performant, while including the most important components and mobile UI paradigms.

Of course, many of our developers still want to implement custom or advanced functionality that is beyond the scope of the Ionic core. In many cases, they’re willing to pay for the added productivity of not having to mess with UI components or theme details. After all, when you’ve got a deadline to meet, downloading a Firebase starter is highly preferable to rummaging through API docs.

We’ve seen Ionic add-ons pop up for sale on the Envato and Creative Market sites, and the Ionic Themes team has even created its own market! These add-ons offer tremendous value to the developers who use them, and if a community member spends weeks putting together a theme, starter, or plugin that saves another developer weeks of time, we’d love for that contributor to be compensated. We also want to help the markets that have popped up naturally, rather than compete with them.

To facilitate an open exchange of these community contributions and enable Ionic developers to create and purchase Ionic starter apps, themes, and plugins, we created the Ionic Market!

We’ve organized the Market into three categories: Starters, Plugins, and Themes, and we’ve kept the site clean and minimal and made it easy to include your own add-ons. We hope it becomes a central repository for all the things you wish Ionic had that didn’t make the cut for the core.

In addition to being able to sell your wares directly on the Ionic Market site, you can also link externally to your existing marketplace, where users can purchase your add-on on the site where you’re already selling it. This effectively makes the Ionic Market just another way to help developers find your add-on.

Because we wanted to encourage the creation of a vibrant ecosystem of Ionic add-ons that will mature over time, we’re not taking a cut on any sales. You can sell your add-ons directly on the Ionic Market through Stripe, so the only fees are the taxes and fees Stripe collects. Connect your Stripe account to the Market, and all funds after taxes and credit card processing fees go directly to you!

We hope the Market will become a place where developers can make money, save time, and show off the awesome capabilities of hybrid mobile apps.

Take a look, and be sure to submit your own add-on soon!

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  • dawid says:

    Ionic is getting better and better 😉

  • giorgiofellipe says:

    Great! The Ionic environment is getting more and more rich

  • Andrew Clinton says:

    So Ionic is like Christmas every day.

  • says:

    I am trying to submit a new starter but I am getting an Application Error.

  • Josh Buchea says:

    Another great addition to the Ionic ecosystem.

  • Виталий Бобров says:

    But what about code quality at Ionic Market, are there any code style etc?

  • Júnio Branco says:

    This is fantastic! Ionic keeps growing and growing. I was wondering if it is possible to also provide a guideline on how developers should package their addons? As in, I have a directive and I would like to put it in the Ionic Market but I am not entirely sure what is the guideline to package it and submit?

    Kind Regards

    • Perry Govier says:

      We deliberately don’t enforce a format guideline. We considered it for quite a while, but there’s exceptions to every rule and we didn’t want to box developers in.

      In general though, a starter is going to be a WWW directory, a plugin is going to be a css file, JS directive, and possible html file (like many bower plugins), and a theme would be an scss file a related images and fonts.

      Additionally, they should have some examples or documentation.

      For your plugin, zip up the HTML, JS, and CSS, whatever it includes along with some instructions and/or an example and you’re good. This is a good example

  • Shimju David says:

    Stripe is the only issue here. Iam from a country where Stripe is not served yet. If an alternative method like PayPal there, that will surely helps. In the mean time we can live up, as Ionic Market supports external links to other market places where we can use our own gateways. Let me tell you- You guys are the best developer friendly company I ever come across!!

  • david dixit says:

    I have used Ionic environment for one of my client and they are really happy with this.

  • Gavin Price says:

    Really appreciate this makes dev-ing easier for the non-UI inclined.

  • loic knuchel says:

    Hi and thanks a lot for this !!!!
    I was waiting for it and now it’s live 😀

    As always, I have some remarks / feature requests 😉
    – add a favorite button to save our best materials OR add ability to create lists and add some materials to them (ex: UI, backend, design…). If favorites/lists are publics, they could be a great popularity indicator
    – the section “plugins” has a confusing name with cordova plugins. Maybe “components” should be a better name (or having real cordova plugins under this section)
    – add guidelines for theme/plugin/starter structure (maybe a boilerplate?). It will helps people to submit their work (less unknowns) and above all, it will helps clients using bought material (if they are all similar, with documentation…)

    But again, thanks a lot for this !

  • Arisarakorn Silanuwat says:

    I am going to put my project on the maker in the category of starter,but I am using external site to sell the add-on. What I have to do with field Addon Zip which is the require field.

    Please help!

  • IonicMaterialDesign says:

    I found some error or bug in market (

    Why my product icon is show on other people ?

    This is my product : (Update 11/Nov/2015)

    This is other people : (last update 2 months ago)

    Also how to remove item from I not found about solution to remove it.

    Please help me.


  • Neonic, Inc says:

    Ionic Team, just let me add…

    All of us as members of the unique Ionic Framework are too as part of the Ionic Team. It’s only fair to us too, additionally… Keep up the great work to my Ionic family. I can’t wait to see where the future should take us all. I look forward to posting some apps after I master whatever I need to do to work the permissions.

    Thanks for being so amazing and happy holidays to everyone!

  • Nick Kenens says:

    The speed at which Ionic is growing is mind boggling, just wow. Loving the community!

  • ricardo gurumendi says:

    I need a help, as I can upload my project of arrangements, maybe lecturing the folder www, where is my templates, thanks for your experience help me a lot with your response .. greetings

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