March 4, 2020
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Ionic is hiring Native iOS and Android Engineers

Max Lynch


As Ionic grows to power over 10% of the Apple App Store and 15% of the Google Play Store, the core functionality available to developers through Ionic’s Native APIs and Solutions must also grow.

We’re currently looking for Native iOS and Android engineers who are interested in building open source and commercial Native solutions for Ionic developers and customers. This would be an opportunity to build the foundation of a very popular and growing developer platform and work on lower-level functionality and features that developers will use to build wonderful apps.

The Ionic team today has a number of engineers with Native iOS and Android experience but we need more in order to achieve our lofty goals of building the most accessible and productive app development platform in the world.

What we’re looking for

We are looking for native developers with experience writing Objective-C/ or Swift on iOS and/or Java/Kotlin on Android, with some experience and/or interest in using JavaScript as well.

The right candidates likely have experience building mobile apps on iOS and/or Android, and are interested in being polyglot mobile developers (rather than sticking to just one platform).

Any experience with Cordova or React Native are a big plus but not required.

About Ionic

Ionic builds the popular Ionic Framework, an open source UI component kit that enables web developers to build apps for iOS, Android, Electron, and the web as a Progressive Web App. Ionic Framework is one of the top 100 open source projects on GitHub, and has been used to create over 10M apps since its inception. Ionic also provides a suite of powerful Native APIs and a new and quickly-growing Native web app container called Capacitor.

Ionic’s commercial business is providing a compelling platform for teams to build their entire app development strategy around. We currently work with companies like Burger King, Panera, GE, and more. See our 2019 Business Update for a lot more detail on our current business.

How to apply

Interested? Apply here!

Max Lynch