Last week at ng-conf, we announced Ionic RC0, which includes several new features about which we’re really excited.

The first one, a feature near and dear to my heart, is Swipe to Go Back. Ionic now uses interactive transitions, rather than just static animations. Swipe to Go Back works the same way the back button does, animating the nav bar title and back buttons. You can swipe from the left of a page to go back to the previous page. Letting go at certain points of the transition will cause the view to either snap back or complete the navigation.

This feature, which is common in native iOS apps, is only offered for iOS, because Android doesn’t do this. It’s only in Cordova, because standard mobile browsers provide their own swipe to go back capabilities. The URL still changes and is no different than any other navigation with the same lifecycle events.

Watch the video of my presentation where I talk about Swipe to Go Back:

For more on the Ionic community’s response to Swipe to Go Back and RCO, check out Sani Yusuf’s post on

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  • This is because Ionic its the best, thanks for this feature^^

  • Owa says:

    still no talk of windows phone support.

    • Lucas Ponzo Ferreira says:

      Quite errante indeed based on what the framework is suposed to do. Even Cordova has support for it.

    • darrenkitlor says:

      Consumers need to support Windows Phone first.

      Right now, Android and iOS are most of market and aren’t even fully documented.

      • Albert Chang says:

        Hilarious, darrenkitlor.

        • sjsobol says:

          Windows Phone has a 2.8% market share as of Q4 2014. Not hilarious – it’s absolutely true. This is why I haven’t even bothered looking into supporting Windows Phone with the apps I write, even though the OS intrigues me and there are some things I really like about it.

          Drifty is like any other company – they have limited resources to allocate to development. If they aren’t supporting Windows Phone right now, I have to say I can’t blame them at all. It would be a significant amount of work and probably a significant financial outlay for very little benefit.

          • Albert Chang says:

            My response was due to the common sense nature in your initial response, and that is “why the heck would one want to support something that only represents essentially nothing of the market?”.

  • Lucas Ponzo Ferreira says:

    Hi, does Ionic have plan to support Windows Phone or because this is some Google condition blocking that?

    • Mike Hartington says:

      Initially windows didn’t have as much as a market share as iOS or android, and currently it’s market share is even less than that, 2.5%. Windows Phone is on the road map, but its just not a high priority at the moment.

  • Sebastien Heraud says:

    Hi, the new “Swipe to go back” feature is awesome! It’s native and it works great, so thank you for the hard work here!
    A quick question.. is it possible to declare from where (in the screen) we want it to be triggered? I mean for example in the iOS version of Flipboard you can swipe to go back even if you swipe from left to right, on the middle or right side of the screen (ie not necessary from the extreme left side).
    Many thanks!

  • jackyon says:

    really appreciate for making such a great framework, at half years ago, I can’t imagine that I can be able finish the app by using html/css/js, and all the effects are looks so great as ios native. I am so proud to using this framework, hope v1.0 is just a good start and have a long term to develop and beat the ios native language (I know it’s no comparability, but I really want the hybrid app can be awesome performance as desktop is.)

  • Will Silveira says:

    Is there any event like on.swipeback so we can use that to do a specific action when user swipes back?

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