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Connect Using Azure DevOps


This feature is available to our Enterprise customers only. For more information, please visit our plans page or contact sales.

If you are already using Azure DevOps you can link your repository with Appflow to push code automatically.


In order to enable the integration with Appflow, you will need an existing repository on Azure DevOps.

You must also ensure third-party OAuth access is enabled for your organization. Navigate to your Azure DevOps organization settings, select Policies in the Security menu and enable Third-party application access via OAuth.

OAuth Settings

Setting up the Integration

In the Appflow Dashboard, navigate to the Apps page and click the New app button. Then choose either Create from template or Import app option from the dropdown.

App List

Fill out the form and click the Connect button next to the Azure DevOps integration. If you have already connected the integration before, you will click the Use Azure DevOps button. Then you can choose the repository to link from the list of available repos.

Git Settings

When you link the repository a webhook will be created for the repository and events will be sent to Appflow so that we have access to any commits you push to your repository.