Ionic’s Advanced Biometric Security Solution: Identity Vault 5.0

Ionic announces the release of Identity Vault 5.0, the newest version of Ionic’s mobile biometric security solution.

Today Ionic announces the release of Identity Vault 5.0, the newest version of Ionic’s mobile biometric security solution. 

Featuring the latest in native security best practices, Identity Vault improves frontend application security in any Ionic app by making it easy to add biometric security authentication in minutes.

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What’s new with Identity Vault

Identity Vault has always offered these best-in-class biometric security solutions:

  • Native application security that protects user data from ever leaving the device
  • Safe, private, and encrypted storage of sensitive information
  • Integration with Auth Connect—Ionic’s native solution for single sign-on implementations
  • Agnostic backend design that works with any authentication provider or custom API
  • Always-on session management to keep your users protected at all times
  • Modular, easy to consume service that integrates with any new or existing Web Native apps
  • Ongoing updates and maintenance, backed by Ionic’s mobile experts
  • Developer-friendly docs, tutorials, and videos to get you started
  • Advisory services and mission-critical support

Identity Vault 5.0 expands on the above, with an easier-to-use API, better React, Vue, and plain JavaScript compatibility, an enhanced local development experience, and flexible Android biometric security options. For more information check out our blog post.

Enhance your application security today

It’s never been more important to protect your apps and users. If you’d like to learn more about how Identity Vault is helping other enterprises make their apps more secure, connect with an Ionic App Strategist to schedule a private demo and get customized pricing based on your needs.

You can also view our Identity Vault webinar which covers mobile security best practices and a live demo of Identity Vault 5.0’s new features.

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