Ionic Portals Now Makes it Easy to Add Web-Based Experiences to Native Mobile Apps

Ionic Portals is a solution that enables native developers to quickly and easily add web-based experiences to native mobile apps.

Today, we are excited to announce the official launch of our first product for native mobile developers: Ionic Portals

Ionic Portals is a solution that enables native developers to quickly and easily add web-based experiences to native mobile apps. With granular controls and advanced security, native and web teams can now safely and securely collaborate on mobile app development projects and bring new and existing web experiences to customers seamlessly. 

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Limits to Stock Cross-Platform Web View Controls

Adding web content to native mobile apps has become incredibly common. Many businesses recognize the value of repurposing existing web assets, such as a product catalog or ecommerce checkout flow, to expand the features and functionality of their existing native apps.

But too often, the stock web view controls used to embed web experiences in a native mobile app are insufficient for the job. 

Their bare-bones implementations require a significant investment of time and resources to build and maintain. They also lack the kind of deep native integration required to deliver a great user experience—which results in clunky embedded web experiences that are obvious to the user. 

Ionic Portals: A Supercharged, Cross-Platform Web View That Brings Native and Web Apps Together

First, our supercharged, cross-platform Web View delivers a powerful, drop-in-ready solution with an intuitive developer experience and direct access to native APIs for building seamless mobile experiences across native and web—saving weeks or months of development time, and dramatically improving the end-user experience. 

On top of that, Portals provides granular controls and robust security to promote safe, secure, and seamless collaboration between web and native teams. Native development teams can decide which parts of the app they want to expose to web teams, to keep data safe and avoid development conflicts.

With Ionic Portals, you can now add web-based experiences to your existing native apps, provide a continuous experience for users, and encourage collaboration between native and web developers.

Watch this brief product demo to get a better understanding of how Ionic Portals can help your web and native teams collaborate to produce the best possible applications for your customers.

Interested in learning more about Ionic Portals? Check out our blog post that walks you through how to install Ionic Portals and connect with an Ionic App Strategist today!

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