Moving from Xamarin to Ionic

From enterprise-grade support to a vast talent pool, now is the time to switch to Ionic.

Microsoft has announced that Xamarin support will continue through November 2023, signaling a potential end-of-life date. Companies using Xamarin may be left looking for a new platform that still allows for flexibility and modernization.

Ionic, a leader in cross-platform app development, helps teams and businesses create seamless, award-winning mobile experiences all from a single code base. Enterprises love Ionic because it uses standards-based web technologies and is built on the broader web and JavaScript ecosystem. And it’s the only mobile development kit to come with enterprise-grade security and full vendor-backed support.

If you’re looking to migrate from Xamarin, here are four reasons to give Ionic a shot.

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Talent acquisition (web devs are everywhere!)

The 2022 Stack Overflow survey showed that web technologies continue to be the most popular among new and seasoned developers alike. JavaScript remains the most favored coding language for 10 years running, with HTML/CSS close behind. Over 55% of surveyed developers use one of the two. Native languages, such as Kotlin, Swift, Dart, and Objective-C are only used by 7% or less of the 70,000+ developers surveyed. 

In looking for talent to build out your mobile app, you also may already have it. If you currently employ web developers, they’re likely well-versed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Ionic enables your team to create incredible apps by building with the web tools they know and love. In turn? You spend less money on hiring outside talent and more time empowering your developers. 

One codebase, one seamless experience

Users don’t just want an app- they want a seamless experience from web to desktop to mobile. With Ionic, you can give them just that. Using a single codebase, create app experiences that are available everywhere, across iOS, Android, and the Web.

By empowering teams with solutions that work across all platforms, Ionic enables developers to meet the demand for high-quality mobile apps 2-3 times faster than if they were to build them native. Many see development time cut by 50% or more. This also means faster updates, bug fixes, and an all around better experience for your devs and users alike.

Web is proven

With new JS libraries coming out constantly, the web offers a more robust, broader, more diverse collection of tools, and they’re constantly getting better. The massive size of the web development community has its advantages. Devs are constantly getting creative, adding new features and functionality while improving old ones. By choosing to embrace an open source technology, you also reap the benefits of the community behind it.

Web development technologies are also proven- they’ll run for decades to come as web standards endure for a long time. By leveraging these technologies, you enable your team to lean on all existing web libraries, frameworks, and components, without having to take a risk on a new, unproven platform that may not last.

Enterprise-grade support, military-grade security

Just because your app has been built doesn’t mean the work stops there. Leveraging Ionic’s Mobile CI/CD solutions and dedicated support teams, we can also help you bring your product to market. 

From strategic planning with architects to developers, Ionic App Strategists and Customer Success Engineers can help you design your project and ensure that you deliver. We understand the complexities of app development and offer robust solutions to address it—leveraging strategic open source technologies and our global partner ecosystem. 

We’re also always improving our powerful, multi-layered mobile security solutions to protect users from data loss and unauthorized access. From advanced solutions for enabling biometrics to secure single sign-on and encrypted storage on-device, enjoy peace of mind that you’re building and shipping the most secure apps possible. 

If your team is looking for alternatives to Xamarin for mobile development, look no further than Ionic. With the vast resources and supportive community surrounding Ionic and web development in general, there’s never been a better time to make the switch.

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