Advanced Monorepos with Vue.js, Angular, and Stencil

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Paulina Gallo

Director of Mobile Operations & Developer, OpenForge

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Fernando Del Olmo

Software Engineer, OpenForge

Are you a web developer trying to build an advanced monorepo?

If you are, you might be struggling to find advanced examples of multi-language monorepos. You know how important it is to maintain a single source of truth for your entire team, but some are working with Angular, others with Vue, and you're just not sure if a monorepo is for you.

Well fear not, polyglot monorepos are definitely possible! In this advanced topic webinar, Paulina Gallo and Fernando Del Olmo from OpenForge (an Ionic Trusted Platinum Partner) will be showing you how to effectively utilize Ionic's SDK and Stencil to create custom components to be used across different application types. Our speakers will present topics such as the following:

  • Getting started with a monorepo.
  • Adding an Ionic Angular and Ionic Vue application.
  • Creating and integrating your first Stencil component into each application.
  • And some fun styling tips along the way!

At the end, there will be 20 minutes of Q&A for the audience for any questions relating to frontend architecture with Angular, Vue, Ionic, and Stencil.

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