Building Mobile Games with Ionic & Phaser

Jedi Weller

Jedidiah Weller

CEO & Software Guru, OpenForge

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Ricardo Madrid

Senior Software Engineer, OpenForge

Stream Building Mobile Games with Ionic & Phaser

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Building Mobile Games with Ionic & Phaser

We hear about it all the time; the next big mobile game came out and it took the world by storm. Everyone is playing it, revenue is through the roof, and everyone in the company is happy…but how on earth did they build it? Which technology stack did they use? Can a developer build a full video game using technologies such as Ionic?

If you have wondered how to take advantage of your skills with the Ionic SDK to build enterprise grade video games, this webinar is for you.  

In this webinar, Jedidiah Weller and Ricardo Madrid from OpenForge (an Ionic Trusted Platinum Partner) will show you how to effectively utilize Ionic's SDK & Phaser.JS, and Object Oriented Programming in Typescript to give a competitive edge to your video game development lifecycle. Our speakers will present architectural concepts including:

  • Integrating Phaser & Angular
  • Optimizing Performance (outside of the Angular Zone)
  • Instantiating Asynchronous Object Oriented Classes with Typescript
  • And a step by step guide with live examples for the audience

At the end, there will be 20 minutes of Q&A for the audience for any questions relating to game architecture with Angular, Ionic, Phaser, and Typescript.

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