Capacitor 2.0: Mobile apps & PWAs from one codebase

Stream Capacitor 2.0: Mobile apps & PWAs from one codebase

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Capacitor 2.0 is here!

Capacitor 1.0 was released in 2019 as a new and revolutionary way to deliver native mobile apps and PWAs from the same codebase, using web technology in place of native programming languages. Since then, Capacitor has grown to more than 230K monthly downloads and is poised to eclipse Cordova as the #1 native runtime for hybrid apps.

Discover what the hype is about! Join Matt Netkow and Max Lynch for a walkthrough of Capacitor 2.0. They show off all the new features and capabilities of the latest version, along with the core feature set from previous versions, including:

  • How to build compelling, modern app experiences that run on any platform
  • Tips for migrating from Cordova to Capacitor without losing any existing functionality
  • How web and native teams can work in tandem to ship apps quickly
  • Extending Capacitor’s functionality by creating your own native plugins
  • What’s new in 2.0

Download the slide deck here.

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