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Hybrid or Native? Choosing Your App Development Strategy

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Logan Brade

Developer Advocate

Stream Hybrid or Native? Choosing Your App Development Strategy

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When it comes to building an app, there are lots of routes you can take. Should you build it entirely native? Or does a hybrid approach make more sense?

In this webinar, Logan Brade, Developer Advocate at Ionic, covers when to choose hybrid or native app development strategies based on the following key topics:

  • Team Composition: We will analyze the number of developers, skillsets, and cross-team collaborations to see how it influences what strategy can work for your teams.
  • Requirements: We will discuss how different requirements can influence what strategy you choose.
  • Costs: We will be discussing what app development costs look like for hybrid and native and how that'll influence the strategy.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Will you have the resources to support the application greatly determine what strategy will work best for your team?
  • Future State: Do you plan on going all in on development or are there limitations?

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