Integrate Appflow with your CI/CD pipeline

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Nick Hyatt

Director of Commercial Software Engineering at Ionic

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Matt Kremer

Director of Commercial Product Management at Ionic

Learn how Appflow makes it easy to build, publish, and update native mobile apps (and PWAs).

Your development teams have successfully implemented CI/CD workflows for their backend and frontend web apps. Next up is mobile app support, but as it turns out, the intricacies of mobile CI/CD make it uniquely challenging - from mobile build infrastructure maintenance, to security patching, to configuring and testing new mobile operating system updates.

Enter Appflow, by Ionic. Appflow is a mobile CI/CD solution that makes it easy to build, publish, and update native mobile apps (and PWAs).

Using Appflow doesn’t mean replacing your existing CI/CD system. In fact, Appflow integration is easy, so you can experience the strengths of both platforms. 

Join Nick Hyatt, Product Manager at Ionic, for a live demo and Q&A session covering:

  • How Appflow helps teams build robust mobile CI/CD pipelines
  • The steps required to generate native app binaries, publish your app to the app stores, and update apps over time
  • A live demo demonstrating how to integrate Appflow with various CI/CD solutions, such as GitLab, Jenkins/Cloudbees, and GitHub Actions

You’re in good company. Ionic powers millions of apps at some of the smartest companies in the world.

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