Ionic Payments: Build secure, cross-platform payment experiences

Dallas James

Dallas James

Ionic Payments Product Owner

Matt Netkow

Matt Netkow

Product Evangelist

Simple, Secure, and Enterprise-ready payments. Pick three.

New Ionic Enterprise native solution launches August 18th!

You’ve been tasked with implementing payment collection for the goods and services sold through your company’s new app. How do you choose from the hundreds of payment vendors available and ensure your customers can pay using any device or platform, all while keeping their financial data safe and secure?

Introducing Ionic Payments, the easiest way to collect payment from customers securely, efficiently, and in a familiar manner. Featuring a single cross-platform API powered by Google Pay and Apple Pay, the most familiar payment solutions trusted by consumers around the world.

Join Ionic’s Matt Netkow, Product Evangelist, and Dallas James, Ionic Payments Product Owner, for a live presentation covering everything you need to deliver secure, cross-platform payments powered by Apple Pay and Google Pay, including:

  • An overview of Apple Pay and Google Pay, including why they are the best payment systems for teams looking to integrate payments into their apps
  • A deep dive into the technical aspects of accepting payments, including choosing a Payment Service Provider, setting up a payment relay server, and more
  • A live demo showing how to add payment collection to a Capacitor 3 e-commerce experience in minutes

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