Live Demo: Building Capacitor Apps in Appflow

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Matt Netkow

Head of Developer Relations

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Nick Hyatt

Product Manager, Appflow

Take Your Capacitor Apps to the Next Level 🚀

Join Matt Netkow, Head of Developer Relations, and Nick Hyatt, Appflow Product Manager, as they walk through Capacitor, Ionic's new open source cross-platform app runtime that makes it easier to build web apps that run natively on iOS, Android, Electron, and the web.

During this live demo, you'll learn:

  • How Capacitor acts as a spiritual successor to Cordova/PhoneGap, while still maintaining compatibility for many plugins
  • The intricacies of migrating an app from Cordova to Capacitor, including how to audit your existing Cordova plugins, how to use Ionic Native plugins, and of course, the actual migration steps involved.
  • How to implement Continuous Delivery capabilities in your Capacitor app using Ionic Appflow
  • How to use Appflow's Live Deploy feature to update the UI and business logic of your app remotely, in real-time. Push HTML, JS, and CSS updates directly to your users without going through the app store to instantly fix bugs and ship new features.

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