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Micro Frontends for Mobile with Ionic Portals

Matt Netkow

Matt Netkow

Product Evangelist, Ionic

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Josh Thomas

Product Manager, Ionic Portals

App development is rapidly evolving. Applications were originally built using a monolithic approach—a single-tiered code base combining UI and data into a single platform. Now, companies are moving towards micro frontends, an architectural style where UI front-end are composed of independent components that can be built by different teams at different times, saving development time and costs.

Micro frontends need to be reusable and portable. They need to be able to communicate with other parts of the app, provide a seamless and virtually invisible to users, and be easy to update without updating the larger app. Given these points, web technology is a great way to deliver micro experiences not only for the web but for mobile as well.

Discover how using Ionic Portals will allow your team to deliver micro experiences on mobile apps.

You’re in good company. Ionic powers millions of apps at some of the smartest companies in the world.

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