Real time application monitoring for Ionic Apps with Sentry

Mike Hartington

Mike Hartington

Developer Advocate at Ionic

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Neil Manvar

Solutions Engineering Manager at Sentry

Learn how Ionic and Sentry can help you build quality mobile apps and resolve unexpected code issues in minutes.

With Ionic, building high quality, cross platform mobile apps is a breeze. But bugs always find a way to sneak into your app. This is where Sentry helps!

Sentry is an application monitoring platform that helps every developer diagnose, fix, and optimize the performance of their code. 

With Sentry’s error monitoring services, and Ionic’s cross-platform mobile app development approach, you can ship enterprise-grade iOS, Android, and mobile web apps with confidence knowing you’ll have the tools you need to squash those pesky bugs.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • The basics of building a cross-platform mobile app with Ionic
  • How Sentry can ensure app quality
  • Integrating Sentry into an Ionic app
  • How to resolve code issues in minutes

You’re in good company. Ionic powers millions of apps at some of the smartest companies in the world.

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