Reimagining Cordova: An Introduction to Capacitor

Stream Reimagining Cordova: An Introduction to Capacitor

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Build with Capacitor—Ionic’s reimagining of Cordova and a better way to deliver native features in a hybrid app. 

Join Matt Netkow, Sr. Product Evangelist, as he uses Capacitor, Ionic's new cross-platform app runtime, to build a Progressive Web App with improved native features that runs anywhere—iOS, Android, the web, you name it.

You'll learn:

  • The history of Capacitor and how its creation impacts the next evolution of Hybrid Apps
  • How Capacitor acts as a spiritual successor to Cordova/PhoneGap, while still maintaining compatibility for many plugins
  • How to leverage Capacitor APIs to build an app that acts natively, e.g. accessing rich, native device features—from the camera to geolocation
  • Why the focus on modern tooling and languages makes plugin development and maintenance much easier

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