Stencil Enterprise: Design Systems at Scale

Matt Netkow

Matt Netkow

Product Evangelist, Ionic

Mike Hartington

Mike Hartington

Senior Developer Advocate

Stream Stencil Enterprise: Design Systems at Scale

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Bring your company’s design system to life

Building and maintaining consistently branded apps and websites at scale is challenging. Design standards, performance, accessibility, and discoverability are all crucial pieces of a successful design system — and it’s no wonder that companies struggle with adoption.

Enter Stencil Enterprise, Ionic’s official toolchain for building blazing fast web components. Designed exclusively for teams building enterprise-scale design systems, it includes access to world-class Support and Advisory teams, priority fixes and issue resolution, and more.

Join Matt Netkow, Product Evangelist, and Mike Hartington, Stencil Developer Advocate, to learn how and why successful design systems are built with web components powered by Stencil. Featuring:

  • The common challenges teams face when building enterprise design systems, including betting on a single web framework, collaboration between design and development, and limited component expertise
  • The ingredients of successful design system adoption, including real-code components, component building expertise, and framework-agnostic technology
  • How to ensure your Angular, React, and Vue developers will adopt your design system
  • Interviews with Stencil Enterprise customers who have successfully launched their design systems

You’re in good company. Ionic powers millions of apps at some of the smartest companies in the world.

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