Integrate Your Existing CI/CD Pipelines with Mobile Capabilities using Appflow

Matt Kremer

Matt Kremer

Appflow Product Manager

Matt Netkow

Matt Netkow

Product Evangelist

Creating a superpowered mobile pipeline with your own CI/CD platform and Ionic Appflow

General-purpose continuous integration/continuous delivery tools like Gitlab and CircleCI have transformed the way developers build and ship software. By automating the release process, businesses are able to deliver value to customers faster than ever before. However, common CI/CD solutions aren’t optimized for mobile application development and require DevOps expertise.

Appflow, Ionic’s mobile DevOps platform, fills in the gaps. Join Matt Netkow, Product Evangelist and Matt Kremer, Appflow Product Manager for a live presentation covering how to integrate Appflow with your CI/CD platform including Azure DevOps, Gitlab, Jenkins, and more. Topics include:

  • Overcoming the challenges of mobile CI/CD
  • Setting up consistent, repeatable mobile build environments in just a few clicks with Appflow
  • Integrating Live Updates, iOS/Android native builds, and app store publishing with your existing CI/CD system
  • A live demo integrating Appflow with an Azure DevOps pipeline

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