November 4, 2021
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Announcing Capacitor v3.3.0

Mike Hartington

Director of Developer Relation...

Hey folks! We’re excited to announce the release of Capacitor 3.3.0! This release includes a bunch of awesome bug fixes, a new Capacitor project configuration tool, and a round of updates to our core plugins. In particular, the plugin updates include a highly requested feature that the community has been asking for!

Let’s take a look at what’s in this release.

Core and Plugins Updates

We’ve been hard at work taking care of small bugs that have popped up, as well as adding some nice quality of life features that have been requested by the community. This goes for not only Capacitor Core and the official platforms, but our plugins as well.

One highly requested feature that has been added is the ability to select multiple images from a device’s photo gallery. This feature is now available in @capacitor/camera@1.2.0. To add this to your app, you can call the pickImages method on the Camera plugin:

import { Camera } from ‘@capacitor/camera’;

const pickPhotos = async () => {
  const { photos }  = await Camera.pickImages({
    quality: 100, // 0 - 100
    presentationStyle: 'popover', // 'fullscreen' | 'popover'
    limit: 4 // 0: unlimited
  return photos

In this example we show a popover UI to select a maximum of 4 photos. However, we could switch the limit to 0 and let users select as many photos as they would like.

A New Configuration Tool

We also recently shipped a new configuration tool and project API to help teams and plugin authors automate the configuration of Capacitor apps.

There are many use cases for this, such as enabling easier plugin installation. One particularly interesting one is app white labeling where teams reuse the same app base across different apps and need to have a way to programmatically change various configuration options in the generated app.

To learn more, check out our announcement blog to see how the tool works and how to incorporate it into your project.

A Growing Team

In addition to all the great new features coming from Capacitor, we’re also expanding the team!

We’re currently hiring for a Lead Engineer to help lead and execute on the technical vision we have for Capacitor and to empower web developers all over the world to become mobile developers. If you’re someone who loves the web, has experience with Swift/Obj-c and Java/Kotlin (or willingness to learn), consider applying for the role!

That’s all for now, folks! Be sure to check out the Capacitor Changelog and keep an eye out for future releases.

Mike Hartington

Director of Developer Relation...