March 7, 2022
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Announcing Stencil v2.14.1

Anthony Giuliano

Today, we’re excited to release Stencil v2.14.1. This new patch release includes a number of bug fixes that we hope you’ll enjoy. So open up your terminal, run npm install @stencil/core, and let’s take a look at the improvements included in this release.

The first bug we squashed in this sprint was a unique edge case. Previously, setting a reflected prop of type number to an invalid value, such as a string, resulted in an infinite loop. Now, the infinite loop behavior is no longer observed in this situation. Huge thanks to ThibodeauJF for reporting this Github issue.

We’ve also made a great improvement with regard to Webpack tree shaking the components of the dist-custom-elements output target. Tree shaking is a technique used to ensure that only the components that are actually used in the application are included in the build. This helps to reduce the overall bundle size. With this release, consuming applications using Webpack will now tree shake the components of dist-custom-elements as expected. Shoutout to liamdebeasi for reporting this issue on Github.

Finally, we’ve made changes that prevent non-test files from being accidentally run as test files. This issue occurred for any files that ended in “test”, “spec” or “e2e”. Now, the period before these keywords is required for Stencil to recognize the file as a test file. This means you can name a component something like “component-test” without it being run as a test file. Another thank you to raspyweather for reporting the Github issue for this behavior.

We hope you find these changes continue to improve your experience using Stencil. As always, you can find the release notes for Stencil v2.14.1 here. Happy coding!

Anthony Giuliano