May 18, 2022
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Announcing your ioniconf 2022 Speakers pt 3

Mike Hartington

Director of Developer Relation...

It’s hard to believe it… Ioniconf is NEXT WEEK! Join us on May 25th for the 3rd-ever community conference, where we have experts from all over the world speaking on various topics related to the Ionic ecosystem, web technologies, and even some native technologies as well! You’ve already met your speakers for the morning session and the lightning round, let’s meet the folks who will close out the conference.

If you haven’t already, registered for the 1-day, free virtual conference, save your spot today & request an attendee sticker pack.

a group photo of the ioniconf speakers

Simon Grimm

  • Can I build THAT with Ionic?
    A long time Ionic community leader, Simon is always showing folks what you can build with Ionic. Now, he’ll show you how you can build truly exceptional UIs that you may have not thought were possible.

Oleg Grodzevich

  • Crisis-driven mobile app development
    When world events require fast action, it’s good to know that your technology choices can help keep you moving forward. Oleg, of YesHelp, will be talking through their process of building an app to help folks in their time of need.

Emma Twersky

  • Angular 💓’s Ionic: A fairytale future
    It’s no secret that Ionic & Angular go way back! We’re excited to have Emma Twersky joining us to share all the new awesome updates coming to Angular, and how Ionic users can benefit from these new features.

Michael Callaghan

  • A Card Game in Ionic? YES!
    What kind of app do you think you can build with Ionic? Do you think you can build a game with Ionic? Well, Michael Callaghan is here to show that you can indeed build a game with Ionic!

Dwayne McDaniel

  • Demystifying Git – Version Control From Scratch!
    Git! It’s an essential tool that we all should be using with our apps. But sometimes Git can be confusing. Thankfully, Dwayne McDaniel is here to help us better understand Git for our day-to-day needs.

Lara Newsom

  • Cleaner Unit Testing with SIFERS
    So….what are SIFERS? In short, they’re a super useful way to keep your tests manageable. But what are SIFERS really? Well, you’ll have to tune in to hear from Lara Newsome all about SIFERS and how they can help your testing.

And that’s it! These are your Ioniconf speakers! We’re so excited to bring these folks together and have them share their knowledge. We look forward to seeing you all online on May 25th.

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Mike Hartington

Director of Developer Relation...