One of our priorities at Ionic is making it easy for developers (from indie to enterprise) to go from zero to a fully functioning app with production-ready backend in as few steps as possible. Our developers often tell us that it’s challenging navigating the landscape of mobile-enabled backend services, and they don’t know where to turn after generating and building out the first few bits of their Ionic apps.

To help developers get over this hurdle, we’ve partnered up with the AWS Mobile Team to build the official Ionic AWS starter project. This project generates an Ionic app complete with a pre-configured AWS Mobile Hub project ready to go, along with pre-configured pages and utilities wired up to Amazon Cognito for user identity management, DynamoDB for application data, S3 for file storage, and Pinpoint for analytics.

To try out this starter, follow the README on the ionic2-starter-aws project by generating a new Ionic app and connecting it with the AWS Mobile Hub. Note: this starter requires the 3.x RC version of the Ionic CLI.

This is our first go at creating a front-to-back Ionic starter project and we’re hoping it gets you running faster than ever before. We’d love your feedback on the new AWS starter, and please let us know if there’s anything we can improve on or features you’d like to see.

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