January 20, 2015
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Katie Ginder-Vogel

Ionic Logos

Our dedicated community helps make Ionic a great hybrid mobile app development ecosystem, for which we’re very grateful. One of the most exciting things we’ve seen happening over recent months is massive growth in our international community. Meetup groups have sprung up in cities around the world, and a few dedicated devs have committed to organizing Ionic groups for entire countries. Other users have presented Ionic in cities around the world. We are humbled and delighted by their enthusiasm and by the time and energy they dedicate to spreading the word about Ionic, and we’re so thrilled to watch our international user base grow in this organic way.

We provide official support to Ionic Meetup groups, starting with cool logos and icons designed by Ionic co-founder and designer extraordinaire Ben Sperry. Groups usually then create Twitter accounts and additional social media accounts as they see fit.

We help them gain a following by retweeting (and posting on FB and G+) event news, slides, videos, photos, and articles from the @ionicframework Twitter account.

Contact us if you need swag for your group! You are also welcome to make your own customized Ionic stickers using the Logo Pack from the footer on our homepage and buy stickers and shirts from the Ionic Shop.

We’ve also created an Ionic Presentation that many of our meetup organizers have found useful. Most of them tweak it slightly, and many translate it, but it provides a helpful scaffolding for an introductory presentation about Ionic.

We’re always happy to answer any questions from our Meetup groups, and we enjoy being in regular touch with them. We’ve even been known to Skype in to say hello.

Here’s a line-up of the current international Ionic groups (both countries and cities). You can also find a list of all the groups using Meetup here. Email me if you’re interested in organizing a group.

Katie Ginder-Vogel