September 1, 2014
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Built with Ionic: Coride

Katie Ginder-Vogel

Say you’re going to Chicago for the weekend but would love company on the drive and a little bit of gas money., founded by Adam Braus and based in Madison, WI, is an app that does just that. It helps individual drivers sell tickets for seats in their cars on road trips.

“In a few taps, you can find passengers to ride along,” says Braus. “They help you cover costs and add a sense of adventure to your ride. Our target audience is friendly 18-35 year olds.”

Braus, who was one of the first ten beta users of the Ionic Framework, says Ionic helped his development team with basic lists and item display, as well as great navigation and animations. “It gave us a framework, a place to start, and that has been its biggest contribution,” says Braus. “The power of AngularJS, wedded to the beauty of Drifty, Ionic’s parent company, is unique.”

Braus cites several reasons for building an HTML5 app. “HTML5 gives my team a huge advantage, in terms of speed and talent acquisition,” says Braus. “Getting everyone on JS makes the team flexible and keeps the dev team flat.” is build for iOS and Android. The team is growing fast and looking for AngularJS and Nodejs developers!

Katie Ginder-Vogel