December 19, 2023
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Capacitor 6 Beta Now Available

Dallas James

Today we’re excited to announce the release of the Capacitor 6 beta! This new version of Capacitor is following quickly on the heels of Capacitor 5 and is setting the stage for a suite of upgrades we have planned over the next several months.

Before the next phase of enhancements, we had to lay important groundwork. This includes creating our new release cadence, which will provide a smoother update experience for developers. You can expect to see bug fixes and improvements to the platforms as we maintain support with app store requirements and a new iteration to your iOS projects. Let’s dive into the details.

Android and iOS Updates

Android 14 and iOS 17 were released earlier this year and Capacitor 6 is bringing support for these platforms to your applications! Our focus here has been on compatibility, so several plugins have been updated to build and run correctly when targeting the new OS versions. Upgrading your application to Capacitor 6 means that when the app stores start requiring the newer versions of their SDKs, your application will already be compatible with those requirements.

Swift Package Manager

In Capacitor 6, we’re introducing an alternative to cocoapods for iOS dependency management, Swift Package Manager (SPM). SPM is the official package manager for iOS code written using the newer Swift language. Support for this new package manager for iOS projects in Capacitor 6 is experimental. As we get closer to the final release of Capacitor 6, we’ll have more information regarding why we feel introducing support for SPM is important to Capacitor and what it will mean for your applications. 

Give it a spin

Want to live life on the edge? The bleeding edge, that is. Then give this beta a spin in your application. Check out our upgrade guide here to upgrade your application to Capacitor 6.

Dallas James