December 21, 2016
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Help us test the Super Starter

Max Lynch



When we launched Ionic 1, we provided a set of basic templates that helped developers get up and running with common mobile app layouts, such as tabs and side menu.

While Ionic developers enjoyed these templates, in many cases we felt like we weren’t doing enough to share best practices or to help developers get started faster with pre-built pages for common mobile UI designs.

Today we are releasing the first test version of the Ionic Super Starter, a starter project for new Ionic 2.x apps that comes with over 14 ready to use page designs for common mobile designs like master detail, login/signup, settings, tutorials, and more.


Additionally, we have some stub providers for common utilities like Users, Settings, Apis, and more, and the entire starter comes with i18n baked right in, thanks to ng2-translate.

This is the most elaborate starter project we’ve ever built, and we need your help testing it to see if we’ve provided the right defaults and layouts for your app. The goal we’re aiming at is for an Ionic developer to be able to come in and build a serious app 10 times faster than before.

To test this starter out, install the latest version of the CLI and run:

ionic start myapp super --v2

Please take a look at the README for more info, and let us know what you think about the new starter by filing an issue on the repo for the project:

Note: this is a preview release and will be evolving over the next several weeks/months.

Max Lynch