June 14, 2016
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Introducing the Ionic Trusted Partners Program!

Brody Kidd


Hello Ionites!

Today, I’m excited to publicly open up our Ionic Trusted Partners Program! The rapid growth of Ionic has resulted in high demand for reliable, top-notch consultants, contractors, and client dev/design shops who can help in assisting and creating high-quality Ionic apps for others.

Trusted Partners are the expert consultancies that we vet, and then recommend to organizations who are looking for a referral to a development agency or consultant to help them build Ionic apps.

Some Background

Behind the scenes, we’ve been successfully connecting a number of great organizations and individuals with our Trusted Partners, and we’ve found that this referral system nurtures healthy, trustworthy relationships among all parties. So, over the last several months, our goal has been to open this process up and allow for more businesses and organizations to take advantage of all the fantastic Ionic dev shops and agencies out there.

We currently have over 100 partners helping companies all over the world. Our Premier Partners are the consultancies we work most closely with, we’ve had the opportunity to evaluate their work and collaborate with them, providing support and guidance as they’ve worked with clients building mobile apps.

Here is a list of our Premier Partners:


Contact a Trusted Partner!

If you are interested in contacting an Ionic Trusted Partner to build a mobile app for you, or if you’re interested in applying to become a Trusted Partner, check out our new dedicated Trusted Partners site!

We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience of our services and products. If you have any suggestions or feedback we’re all ears!

Brody Kidd