October 14, 2016
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Ionic 2 RC Weekend Updates

Max Lynch


Hey Ionites,

We’ve been a bit quiet over here post RC0 launch because, frankly, we’ve been heads down making tweaks and fixing things based on feedback and issues filed from the release.

We have a few updates available that address issues and we ask that you update as soon as possible.

First, update the version of @ionic/app-scripts in your Ionic 2 app with

npm install @ionic/app-scripts@latest --save-dev

Second, update your Ionic CLI using

npm install -g ionic

If you were using the beta tag for the Ionic CLI, make sure to npm uninstall -g ionic first and then install it again, otherwise the install will fail.

Finally, to make sure you have the proper dependencies in your Ionic 2 app, update your package.json to use the dependencies listed in this example package.json.

Ionic Native/Storage/etc. issues

If you’re running into issues with Ionic Native plugins, or installing the new @ionic/storage package, try removing the existing node_modules/ directory for your Ionic 2 app, and running npm install.

This appears to resolve issues folks were having. If not, please help us out by filing issues on the repos linked above.


Based on feedback, we are strongly considering adding Webpack support into app-scripts again, as we believe we can produce a small enough bundle size that boots quickly, which we didn’t believe was possible before.

If you’re interested in tracking that progress, please follow this Pull Request on ionic-app-scripts.

That’s it for now

Finally, please keep the feedback and communication coming. We are listening to all feedback and making adjustments as we go, and plan to have a bigger blog post covering some of the decisions we’ve made with Ionic 2 post RC release, and where we’re taking things.

Thanks for the support and for being awesome! Have a mighty swell weekend.

Max Lynch