October 16, 2015
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Ionic and Meteor: Two great things that go great together

Uri Goldshtein

Ionic/Meteor Tutorial

Uri Goldshtein is a software developer at Meteor Development Group and frequently writes about Ionic on Meteor’s blog For the Ionic 2 version of this tutorial, click here.

With Angular-Meteor, Meteor became a great backend solution for Angular and Ionic apps. Meteor now has official support for Angular with its third party libraries, and Ionic has added official support for Meteor’s packaging system.

Each platform has its own CLI and build process solutions, so you can choose your favorite. I’ve written two versions of an Ionic/Meteor tutorial, to help you get started:

Using the Ionic CLI
Using the Meteor CLI and build process

In these tutorials, we’ll create a full WhatsApp clone using Angular and Ionic. We’ll use Meteor’s realtime collections for the chat and Meteor’s simple Authentication packages for SMS-based authentication.

It’s great to see the power of these two solutions working together!

Uri Goldshtein