July 19, 2022
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Ionic Recognized as Top Leader in Mobile Development Frameworks

Christine Perez

Product Marketing Manager

Ionic has been recognized as a high performer in continuous integration and continuous development categories, and leader in mobile development frameworks category in the summer quarter by G2—a peer-to-peer review site and software marketplace.

Mobile development frameworks grid

For multiple quarters in a row, Ionic has been recognized as a leader in the mobile development frameworks space. In addition to this award, Ionic is seen as a high performer in the continuous integration and continuous delivery space. This recognition places Ionic in the company of such influential CI/CD tools as Github, CircleCI, and CloudBees.

“We’re excited to be included in the continuous development and continuous integration categories, and continue to be recognized as a leader in the mobile development framework space,” says Max Lynch, co-founder and CEO at Ionic. “As a company, we’re focused on providing the best tools to help our customers succeed. We believe Appflow—our mobile CI/CD tool—will continue to provide value for our customers looking to automate their mobile app build and deployment process. In addition, we are still developing features and benefits for web developers who want to target mobile.”

This quarter, Ionic won 16 awards in total across over 10 different categories. Some of the awards include easiest to use, highest user adoption, best support, and easiest setup, to name a few. Ionic was also recognized as a momentum leader in component libraries and app development platforms categories.

Ionic users continue to be successful in building, deploying, and iterating on world-class mobile applications. According to G2, 94% of users consistently rated Ionic a 4-star rating and higher. In the quality of support category, Ionic products rank four percent above the average companies in the mobile development frameworks category.

One enterprise architect building enterprise and industry focused apps with Ionic addresses his experience with using Ionic products: “We find building enterprise and industry-focused apps with Ionic to be cheaper and faster than having to hire and maintain three separate development teams.”

With a feature-rich development environment, easy-to-use CI/CD software, native and web integrations, and world-class support, Ionic continues to be a leader in the mobile app development space.

About G2

G2 is the largest and most trusted software marketplace, helping 5.5 million people every month make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews. Their scoring is based on reviews gathered from their user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks.

About Ionic

Ionic is a leader in enterprise mobile app development, with 5 million developers worldwide and thousands of enterprise customers who use Ionic to build mission-critical apps for their customers, both external and internal. It powers 15% of apps in the app store, not including thousands of apps built internally at enterprises for every line-of-business need. Ionic is unique in that it takes a web-first approach, leveraging HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build high-quality iOS, Android, desktop, and Progressive Web Apps.

Christine Perez

Product Marketing Manager