August 24, 2015
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Ionic’s First Hack Day!

Katie Ginder-Vogel

On Friday, we held our first-ever Ionic Hack Day. Everyone was encouraged to take the entire day to work on a project of interest that could be related, or not, to Ionic.

As you know, we’re a fairly enthusiastic team, so the second Max gave us the heads up about the hack day, Josh immediately got things off to a good start with a spreadsheet of potential projects, and we added ideas to it during the week leading up to Hack Day.

I was pretty psyched to have an entire day to think creatively about some of the Ionic-related stories I’ve been wanting to share with all of you, so I carved out a chunk of time to draft a blog post, even though I’d planned to spend most of my day handling my regular responsibilities. Having multiple hours of uninterrupted writing time allowed me to pursue some new lines of thinking, communicate with some of our developers, and develop some ideas that I’d really like to have see the light of day soon!

Some of our developers had such pressing projects that they spent the day on those, but a few really creative things came out of our first Hack Day:

  • Adam built Ben an Ionicons preview tool to help Ben manage the 800+ SVG files.
  • Josh and Mike hacked on a project for Atom to add to the Ionic CLI’s functionality.
  • Matt worked on a CLI tool that allows users to share local Ionic projects “serve” with anyone and lets other collaborate on project code in real time with live updates (not released).
  • Brandy wrote and released some platform customization docs.
  • Dan refactored some of the upload component of the App Lib.
  • Rudy fixed an error on Push and made some big functionality updates for the internal dashboard, laying the groundwork for it to better notify the team when things go wrong in the future.

As we polish some of these unreleased projects up, we’ll let you know as we release them. We’ll also keep you posted on how we spend future Hack Days. We’d like to include all of you, too, if your schedules allow you to follow along with us on our next Hack Day. We’ll announce it via social media and live-tweet our progress. We’d love to have you join us, as you work on on Ionic projects of your own, and keep us updated on what you’re doing.

Katie Ginder-Vogel