September 15, 2015
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Learn Ionic in your Living Room

Katie Ginder-Vogel

Web developers, career-change professionals, and students are flocking to mobile development, but what’s the best, most cost-effective way to learn? And how do you make the time for it if you’re already working or in school full-time?

If you’ve already got some web development skills, there are many ways to learn mobile development–or Ionic specifically–that are low-cost, or even free, and not hugely time-consuming.

Andrew McGivery’s 170+ Ionic Resources, Juarez Filho’s Ionic Adventures, and Emerson Thompson’s Ionic Collection are superb collections of the many Ionic resources that exist, and of course, you can always delve into our docs, videos, and blog for information straight from the mother ship.

In addition, there are some great new online courses, like Simon Reimler’s course, Ionic by Doing, in which you’ll build three mobile apps using Ionic; Asim Hussain’s course, Ionic from Web to Mobile, which takes users through creating seven applications, using Parse, Firebase, and a variety of plugins, and adding Push, Deploy and Analytics; Hunter Leaman’s Udemy course on building a stock market app with Ionic; and Mirko Nasato’s Udemy course, Ionic by Example, which is currently one of the top-selling paid courses on Udemy.

We’re particularly excited about Appcamp, an Ionic side project built by Brandy Carney and designed by Ben Sperry. Many of you have already used Appcamp and shared it with your Twitter followers, and we hope you’ll continue to share it with the web developers, newbie developers, and students in your networks whom you think would enjoy taking a quick, free, online mobile development course. We welcome your feedback on Appcamp, too!

Remote conferences like the upcoming Angular Remote Conf allow you to hear Ionic talks from the comfort of your couch. If you prefer to learn in an in-person session, we track upcoming Ionic talks, workshops, etc. around the world in our Ionic Worldwide Twitter Collection, and there’s an upcoming-events channel in the Ionic Worldwide Slack group. You’re always welcome to contact us to get specific suggestions for events near you.

If you’ve gone to a particularly great talk or workshop, or taken an incredibly useful online mobile development course, we’d love to hear about it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Slack.

We wish you the best on your educational journey, and when you’ve got a cool Ionic app to show for it, please submit to our showcase and sign up for our developer registry!

Katie Ginder-Vogel