August 25, 2016
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¿Hablas Español? Localize Your App with NG2-Translate!

Justin Willis

Localization is extremely important for software, especially as your app grows. Can you imagine not speaking the language in which an app is written and still trying to use it? In the past, it was hard to do localization in Ionic 2, as there were no solid Angular 2 localization libraries, but now, that has changed with NG2-Translate!

NG2-Translate Offers Simplicity

NG2-Translate is dead simple to use. It provides a pipe and a service with a few observables and methods that allow you to translate not only static HTML strings, but JavaScript values, too. This makes it very easy to implement into your existing Ionic 2 app and translate everything from the title of an alert to the name of your app in the navbar. Don’t you love it when things are this easy?

Angular 2 FTW

NG2-Translate is a perfect example of one of the biggest strengths of Ionic 2: being built with Angular 2. Because Ionic 2 is built with Angular 2, we get all the benefits of the Angular 2 ecosystem, including awesome libraries like this. And this means that as the Angular 2 ecosystem grows, the Ionic 2 ecosystem also grows, which provides nothing but benefits for Ionic 2 developers.

How to Use NG2-Translate in Your Ionic 2 App

If you’re intrigued by NG-2 Translate and interested in implementing it in your Ionic 2 app but are wondering how to get started, I’ve written a resources article that will walk you through exactly how to integrate NG2-Translate with your Ionic 2 app. With only a few steps, you’ll be opening your app to potentially millions of new users!

As you can see, Ionic 2 has now gained a new superpower, localization! Thanks to NG2-Translate, you can now be assured that your Ionic 2 app will be ready for your users, no matter what language they speak. Big shoutout to Olivier Combe for his amazing work on this library! Have fun making your Ionic 2 app ready for international use!

Justin Willis