May 15, 2019
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  • Bet on the Web Podcast

PWAs Powered by Web Components with David Dal Busco

Matt Netkow


After a brief hiatus, our Bet on the Web podcast is back with a new episode. This time, we’re chatting with David Dal Busco, the creator of DeckDeckGo and organizer of the Ionic Zurich meetup group.

David’s Ionic journey began when he was tasked with building a mobile app at work. He quickly found success with Ionic, Angular, and Firebase. Today, his stack of choice also includes building web components with Stencil.

In this episode of Bet on the Web, David walks us through DeckDeckGo, his incredible open source Progressive Web App presentation builder created with Ionic 4 and custom web components (powered by Stencil). The idea came about after he was tasked with delivering a presentation on web components for work colleagues. DeckDeckGo was born after he decided to apply his newfound knowledge of web components towards creating an app.

Please join us for a deep dive into how David built DeckDeckGo, how Stencil makes it easy to build web components, and details on how app frameworks like Angular fit alongside web components. Tune in below or wherever you enjoy podcasts. Happy listening!

Matt Netkow