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Couchbase Lite


A full-featured embedded NoSQL database for apps that run on mobile, desktop, and embedded devices.

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Couchbase Lite is an embedded, NoSQL JSON Document Style database for your mobile apps. You can use Couchbase Lite as a standalone embedded database within your mobile apps, or with Sync Gateway and Couchbase Server to provide a complete cloud to edge synchronized solution.

Ionic's Couchbase Lite integration makes it easy to build secure, high-performance, offline-enabled apps using the industry-leading Couchbase Lite storage solution. Our Premier integration supports apps built for iOS, Android, and native Windows when using the new Windows platform support from Ionic.

Interested in Couchbase Lite support? 

Ionic's Couchbase Lite integration is built and supported by the Ionic's native mobile experts and includes ongoing updates and maintenance, including new API features, patches, updates, and compatibility upgrades for new iOS & Android releases.

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