Ionic Advisory Service for Enterprise Customers

There’s a lot at stake for enterprises building mission-critical apps. The good news is you don’t have to go at it alone. Ionic Advisory service helps you at every step of the app development lifecycle.

There’s a lot at stake for enterprises building mission-critical apps. Let’s face it. Whether kicking off a new mobile app project or trying to accelerate the development timeline, software development leaders face many risks and difficult decisions when building and deploying apps in the enterprise.

The good news is you don’t have to go at it alone. Ionic Advisory service helps at every step of the app development lifecycle.

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Ionic Advisory: Your trusted team 

New to mobile? No problem. The Ionic Advisory team is comprised of experts with decades of experience who stay on top of the latest trends in mobile security, performance, native features, and architectural best practices.

This brief guide will provide more information about specific services we offer and the scope of services provided with an Ionic Advisory partnership. We will also share customer success stories and introduce the dynamic individuals who make up the Ionic Advisory team.

Navigating your App Development Lifecycle

Ionic Advisory addresses each key phase of the application development lifecycle. While most app development leaders will focus on the initial build phase, we believe it’s critical to assess your project from planning all the way through to deployment and beyond. If you can spot a technical deficiency that might occur after deployment, you can address it in planning—cutting costs and saving time.

Here is a high-level diagram of each key service laid out by phase.

Planning Development and Deployment Maintenance
Enterprise Delivery
  • Kick-off
  • Product onboarding
  • Resource review
  • App launch best practices
  • Roadmap sessions
  • Cadence calls
  • Business review
  • Adoptions metrics
  • Prioritized enhancement requests
Enterprise Support
  • Doc overview
  • Enterprise support portal
  • API is a little more difficult to use
  • Real time troubleshooting
  • Implementation support
  • Build troubleshooting
  • DTAS support
  • Build stack
  • Prioritized bug support
Advisory Support
  • Customer advisory roadmap
  • Migration review
  • Plugin consultation
  • Mobile gap planning
  • 3-day training
  • UX/UI review
  • Working sessions
  • Architecture review
  • Code review
  • CI/CD consultation
  • Monorepo consultation
  • Upgrade milestone planning

Key Advisory Services

Whatever your goals may be, Ionic Advisory services are designed to help you meet and even exceed them. Here are the key services that Ionic Advisors can provide.

1. Code Review

If you find yourself stuck on a project or just want to make sure you wrote the code to the best level it could be, Code Reviews are here to give you that second opinion. You’ll get the confidence and reassurance that your code is secure and fully optimized.

2. Architecture Review

Architecture Reviews are a great way to save on technical debt, improve your app performance and security, and lower your ongoing maintenance costs. 

Ionic Solutions Architect Ken Sodemann points out that the Ionic Advisory services are holistic. “We don’t just focus on how the application is using the Ionic Framework and Capacitor,” says Sodemann. “We examine questions like:

  • Is the application properly architected?
  • Is the application maintainable?
  • Is the application properly tested?
  • Are mobile features used in an effective manner?
  • Are there areas where web-based APIs should be relied on more heavily in order to make the application more maintainable in the long term?
  • Are there areas where mobile-based APIs should be used to increase the performance of the application?”

Sodemann enjoys problem solving and collaborating with customers to resolve their concerns, from architecture review and beyond. “Our solutions architects develop empathy for our customers with regard to the issues they are working on,” says Sodemann.

3. UX/UI Reviews

Mobile user experiences pose a unique challenge for many teams. Even if you’ve developed a successful app in the past, mobile UI trends are constantly changing—and so are the tools to create them. Your team can work with our experts to develop strategies for improving your app’s UX or navigating a particular scenario that may be challenging for your team. 

4. Migration Review

Whether you’re running older versions of Ionic or you want to migrate from Cordova to Capacitor, the Advisory team can assist your migration experience. Helping you reduce risk, plan effectively, and ensure a smooth transition between technologies. At the end of your migration, your app will use the latest platform improvements and adhere to current front-end mobile standards.

Eric Horodyski, an Ionic advisor, recalls a time when he used his expertise to help a customer evaluate a particular service integration with a Capacitor app, and how they would do it. 

“We walked through a step-by-step demo application that integrates one service per commit to validate against as they begin work,” says Horodyski. “I also provided a list of ‘gotchas’ or steps that the services missed in their documentation to save them a huge headache. The list and the demo made the customer realize what they can actually do with the tools their company invested in.”

Horodyski gave the customer confidence to move forward with Capacitor and Ionic.

Our solutions architects develop empathy for our customers with regard to the issues they are working on.

Ken Sodemann, Ionic Solutions Architect

5. Plugins and Integrations Consulting

Our plugins and integrations consulting sessions help engineering leaders identify the right native plugins, backend services, or third-party integrations for their applications. These sessions can also speed up development by quickly identifying the right plugin solutions.

When we say that the Ionic Advisors are with you every step of the way we mean it. Ionic Advisor Damian Tarnawsky remembers a client’s particular integration issue and the speedy response he was able to provide. 

“I worked with a client recently who was having a compilation issue in Android that happened only on their machine when two disparate plugins were installed together,” recalls Tarnawsky. “Through some trial and error and consultation with expert native developers at Ionic, we were able to test and turn around a new release of the plugin as well as updated installation instructions and demo applications over a weekend.”

6. CI/CD Review

Delivering and updating your app can be a challenge. Optimizing your CI/CD pipeline and understanding how Appflow can meet your business needs will save time and resources. Meet with our experts to understand how other companies approach builds, app store publishing, and continuous delivery.

7. Working Sessions

Have a general question? Working sessions are your way to get general advice from the Advisory team. We can help you think through any problem related to your project. Helping you speed up development, improve app quality, and reduce project risk.

In fact, this is what most of the Ionic Advisors look forward to most. According to Ionic Advisor Marlon Harrison, “Getting an opportunity to help teams resolve problems and reach their goals is the most rewarding part of the job. It’s great to hear that we’ve helped solve a nagging bug that’s been affecting users for months or helped them release a new feature when they didn’t even know where to start.”

8. 3-Day Framework Training

Our 3-Day training will help your team move forward with the foundational knowledge needed to approach hybrid mobile app development.

Lead by a Solution Architect, the training covers the following topics:

  • General hybrid application architecture
  • App setup and organization
  • Unit Testing and Test Driven Development (TDD) Library management with NPM
  • Pages and components
  • Styling
  • Fetching data from web services
  • Handling asynchronous code
  • Using Native APIs
  • Building the application and sideloading on a device
  • PWA overview and best practices
  • Deploying the app as a PWA

By the end of the training, your team will finish building a sample application using the framework of your choosing (Angular, React, or Vue), and will be proficient in hybrid-mobile app development.

“Getting an opportunity to help teams resolve problems and reach their goals is the most rewarding part of the job. It’s great to hear that we’ve helped solve a nagging bug that’s been affecting users for months or helped them release a new feature when they didn’t even know where to start.”

Marlon Harrison, Ionic Advisor

Scope of Advisory

At this point you might be wondering if your problem areas are within Ionic’s Advisory experts scope of support. Well, one of the unique advantages of the Ionic Advisory team is that they’re able to leverage their collective knowledge, expertise, and previous experience with building and consulting on apps. 

Jameson Taylor, another Ionic Advisor, was actually a former developer that used Ionic extensively. But now that he’s on the Advisory team he says, “Having past experience on teams that chose not to have this service, I can appreciate the huge value we're adding.”

Here’s a quick list of what the Advisory team is fully equipped to support. As well as a list of subjects that the team may or may not have an opinion on due to its subject matter being out of Ionic’s core technology stack.

The Advisory Team are experts in...

  • Architectural layout of a project
  • Implementation of core Ionic components
  • Configuration of Ionic support plugins and/or solutions
  • Ionic application size reduction best practices
  • Unit testing best practices Styling Ionic components Angular/React/Vue
  • App deployment

The Advisory Team can sometimes provide an opinion on but is not responsible for...

  • Community supported plugins non-Ionic based applications
  • Custom or customer built Ionic Native plugins (Cordova or Capacitor)
  • Application styling outside of Ionic 3rd-party plugin solutions

Your Partner at Every Stage of Development

We know that choosing the mobile development platform you use for a project has huge effects. And not just in the planning stage, but for the rest of your app’s lifetime. That’s why we’ve invested so heavily to build a team of experts who can help you succeed. 

When you partner with Ionic and become an Advisory customer, you’ll have a team of experts at your back, helping you every step of the way. From real-time Slack access to code and architectural reviews, performance and security audits, in-depth training, and open working sessions. We can help you reach your project goals and empower your team to improve their skills along the way.

Ready to get started? The Ionic Advisory team is. Schedule a call and learn more about how Ionic Advisory can help you succeed.

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