June 10, 2015
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Announcing Ionic Deploy Alpha: Update Your App Without Waiting!

Max Lynch



So you just finished the latest improvements to your app, and you’re finally ready to push out the latest update for all your users to see. You submit the latest version to the app stores, and then you do the only thing you can…

You wait for the app store approval, for days…or even weeks.

Stop waiting, friends. We have a solution: Ionic Deploy, now in open alpha!

What can you do with Deploy?

Ionic Deploy lets you update your app on demand for any changes that do not require binary modifications, saving you days, or even weeks, of wait time.

You can roll back to a previous version of your app, automatically apply updates, and control every aspect of the upgrade.

Being able to make live changes to an app allows you to work with your designer or other team members to collaborate in real time, empowering you to get immediate feedback while you develop and make changes on the fly.

What’s next

Soon, Ionic Deploy will let you run live A/B tests that can be conducted right on the device and tested by marketers to determine which of your app’s features users prefer. We’ll also be integrating our upcoming Analytics service, to help you track and optimize all the different tests you run.

You’ll have fine-grained control over who gets which specific version of your app. Multiple versions can be deployed to “Channels” defined by specific criteria, to target different users. And with our “Intelligent Deploy” feature, you can safeguard against incompatible binary versions. You’ll be able to set release dates to deploy a version, even when you’re not around!

It’s worth highlighting how incredibly powerful these capabilities are.

It’s a massive advantage that we, as hybrid app developers, are able to leverage to move faster and develop more efficiently. We’re confident you’re going to love this.

Try it now

During the open alpha period, Ionic Deploy will be 100% free to use. Similar to Ionic Push, we will be releasing tiered pricing based on usage in the future, but we’ll continue to offer a free tier, too.

Ionic Deploy supports both iOS and Android devices. Sign up and test out the alpha today, for free.

As always, don’t forget to let us know what you think!

Max Lynch